Logo design

The Creation of a Corporate Identity

When we find ourselves in the process of looking at an image to represent us to our customers,

It's often useful to try to search for, and understanding "the essence", of the company

What are its fundamentals, what are the beliefs of the people twerking there.

These are questions that in which the answers may take some time to find.

We belive that the corporate identity is not something that can be drawn up over the weekend,

And that the most imortant people the image has to convince is the actual employees.

In essence it takes time.

Web design

Modern web development

Nothing can be more important than being present and having representation online

Forget about the car! the assertion that we have our own domain, this is where it's at.

Forget about expencive business trips! we own a portal on the internet, and what would you make of it?

Would you like to be in charge of a borderless harbour? a free port? a safe haven?

The possibilities are many, but the choice is ours. Make it a good one!

Avoid the pitfalls, stay away from stagnation, and keep it clean.

it's easy if you have the right tools, and it will shine through.

3D design

Designing for the future in 3 dimensions

Whatever you can envision or imagen, it's probably going to be true.

So why not trust the sentiment, explore the limits and turn a corner.

Jump down a hole or take to the skies, you can do it, you only need to dare.

Nothing in our everyday lives makes any sense if we don't dare.

So what is keeping you from opting for the flawless representation.

Think sophistication, super intelligence, parallel or symmetrical shapes.

These physical representations is comming and we need to embrace it.

Graphic design

Creative Graphic design can be many things

If you think of graphical elements like speeding futuristic space-fighters

then that is when you know your imagination has gotten the better of you.

In life we strive for these moments when our mind can be take astray for a while,

when we accept the illusion and a transient idea is allowed to manifest itself.

Believing the illusion is to allow outselves to be played, like what an instrument is

to the ears, good graphic design is to the eyes.

A visual primer for backing up our emotional experiences.

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